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Petit Pilou baby clothing

Branding, logo, campaign to roll out their latest product


Petit Pilou is a clothing line for babies and young children created in 2013.  They pride themselves on their simple, but unique clothing design and bold prints.  Every style is made in small quantities entirely by hand, including hand screen-printed sustainable fabrics.  It's a real local product designed and made in Petit Pilou's studio in the heart of the Berkshires, Massachussets.

Galerie des Ornements & M Creative

Logos for sister companies.


M Creative and Galerie des Ornements are two sides of a unique design company that was looking for a design that would convey theatrical yet elegant ornementation with a touch of modernism and a reference to an old world coat of arms. 

Red Lion Inn

Revamping logos, creating a new line of clothing and products.


The Red Lion Inn is one of a kind lodging in the Berkshires. Establsihed on 1773, they celebrated their 290th anniversary last year. We were invited by Anne Albert to revive the Lion and some new design elements for this iconic Inn.



Strange Birdy Studios


Logo and branding materials package


Vintage is a Berkshire boutique selling clothing, accessories and furniture from the 50's to the present.  A finely currated mix of must have vintage items and a new look at how to integrate antiques into a contemporary home.


Turquoise Mountain Foundation

Branding concept, logos, print materials, product design, artistic direction


Turquoise Mountain Foundation is a non government organization based in Kabul, Afghanistan with the distiction of being one of the Prince of Whales charites.  It's mission is to revive Afghanistan's traditional arts and architecture through education, restoration and the creation of an economic niche for fine craft products of Afghanistan.


Moho Designs

Branding identity, product design, package design


Moho Designs is a truly local Bekshire stronghold, creating hand screen printed clothing, housewares and posters for the stylish Berkshire resident or visior.  Moho has created quite a following by rolling out seasonal styles and offering a natural, hand printed alternative to mainstream products.



Jali Designs

Logo and branding materials


Jali Designs is a socially responsible company importing fine handmade international products into the Canadian market place through web sales and retail.  Their hand picked items come from countries mostly in central and east Asia.  They pride themselves on connecting their customers with information about the artists and helping their artists realize more prosperous lives.




Logo, branding materials


What a challenge! A road trip from Afghanistan to France onboard of a 1967 Volkswagen.



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